Musical Development That Occurs Over Repeated Listens

In "ATC4pm5nov2015" by New York—based John Hudak

This piece by John Hudak moves trilled percussion figures amid slowly modulating chords, like Amon Tobin chilling with Herbie Hancock at the end of a particularly long and dolorous night. It’s soft, and suggestive, and enigmatic, what with all the rattles and chattering and stereoscopic pinging. Tiny noises momentarily hold, like they’re caught in the thin beam of light. Slow gurgles almost gain a resemblance to slurred speech. At 10 minutes in length, the track has plenty of time to circulate. It doesn’t necessarily gain complexity as it progresses, but it does so on repeated listens, as the details come to the fore, and the whole wide field of sonic elements seems to brighten — what once was dark becomes various shades of blue. The title “ATC4pm5nov2015” suggests it was recorded at 4pm on November 5, 2015 — what the “ATC” stands for isn’t immediately clear.

Track originally posted at More from Hudak, who’s based in Dobbs Ferry, New York, at (Found via a repost from the account.)

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