A Nervous Itch in Darren Harper’s Blissed Out “The Yearning Loop”

From the forthcoming Winter Loops ep.

Darren Harper has posted a track from an upcoming EP. The EP is titled Winter Loops, and it’s due out soon. The track is “The Yearning Loop,”which appeared today on his SoundCloud account. Despite the singular “loop” in the title, it’s based on various subloops — a loping, low-slung bass line; a bit of happily meandering guitar that bounces in the stereo field; a rich ambient foundation; some hauntingly ethereal vocals. And from the very start, there is the subtle star of the performance, this little scratchy noise, like the end of tape that’s run out, or a piece of fabric fluttering in the grill of a slow-moving fan. It’s a nervous little itch in the otherwise blissed-out drone. It’s there throughout, even as “The Yearning Loop” fades, a fine example of how the most mechanical element can seem the most natural, what might initially sound rote appearing, instead, like a model of persistence.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/darrenharper. More from Harper, who’s based in Colorado, at darrenjh.blogspot.com and twitter.com/darrenjharper.

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