A Brief Arc of Narrative-Laced Noise

With Forelight's “In the Eye of the Storm”

“In the Eye of the Storm”is a brief arc of narrative-laced noise. It transitions through states, through stages, pausing on occasion, each new phase of static and tone surfacing from what preceded it. It originates with a foment of rapidly shifting chaos. A slowly pulsing drone emerges while the short-circuit flare subsides. Henceforth there are many short-term shifts, from slightly more rhythmic material, like a mallet instrument heard in a white-noise rain, to more fractured scenes, in which the ear struggles momentarily for a modicum of foundation. Throughout the randomness is never tantamount to confusion. The piece is grounded with that mallet-like pulse, and even those shifts occur with an orderliness that provides an underlying sense of orientation — comfort in the storm.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/forelight. More from Forelight at forelight.bandcamp.com.

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