A Moment of Reflective Calm Before All Hell Breaks Loose

This is "Melting Square" by Suss Müsik, with Marc Manning

Suss Müsik refers to his music as “Post-classical ambient minimalism for crepuscular airports,” which seems about right. The track “Melting Square” is a flowing amalgam of overlaid guitar patterning: strumming electric beneath louche waveforms amid spaced-out echoes. It’s like the midpoint music from a Michael Mann film, a moment of reflective calm before all hell breaks loose. The track, which teams Suss Müsik with musician Marc Manning, itself gets calmer as it proceeds, the strumming eventually fading out entirely in favor of the voluminous echo, that echo then fracturing into a quietly intense, psychedelic field of ghostly twinkling.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/suss-musik. There’s no active external links on his SoundCloud page, but the easily Google-able sussmusik.com has a promising “Website coming soon / We’re on it” dated February 3 of this year.

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