This Is the Starship Ambience You’ve Been Looking For

"Another Carefree Day On The Nostromo" by Boson Spin of Brisbane

If the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t have quite the spaceship-quality, hermetic, time-slowing HVAC system you’re accustomed to, you still have the option to augment your sonic reality. In most hyper-developed cities, temporary stay means submitting to climate control so optimized for depersonalization that it serves to emphasize just how much you are a visitor, just how much you are not part of the place you call, for a brief spell, something akin to home. If the building lacks that welcome, saturating drone, you could do worse than to pipe “Another Carefree Day on the Nostromo” by Boson Spin into your capsule. At 20 minutes in length, it is packed with a fearful stasis, a forbidding hollowness that moans with the exhaust of some massive engine whose traveling velocity approaches the speed of light while, in a literally cosmic sense, it is barely moving at all.

Track originally posted at, in all its Alien glory. Boson Spin is Stan Magendanz of Brisbane, Australia. More at

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