3 Things to Know if You’re New to the Disquiet Junto

Points for first-timers

There’s been a significant uptick in Disquiet Junto participation. As of this writing, there are now over 1,000 subscribers to the weekly project-announcement email list, and the most recent project had 8 first-timers among its participants. Will new folks joining every day, it’s a good time for three very brief tips.

Three main points for newcomers to the Disquiet Junto:

1. Process: If you don’t join the Junto group on SoundCloud and share your track with the group, very few people will find your track, and I won’t know to add it manually to the project-specific playlist.

2. Pressure: There is absolutely no pressure to join in every week, every project. The point of the Junto being weekly (starts every Thursday, ends every Monday at 11:59pm) is it’s there when you find the time and interest.

3. Participation: Participation doesn’t just mean posting tracks. It also means, among other things, listening to and commenting on each other’s tracks and weighing in on Twitter (and, to a lesser extent, Facebook), where there’s plenty of communication about what folks are up to.

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