New Autechre Plays in Chaos/4 Time

Listen to "feed1" via BBC Radio 6

There was word out that a new Autechre track was due for broadcast at some point today. It has occurred, and the appearance of the 12-minute stretch of off-kilter beats and broken static has made its way to YouTube on several channels. How long it’ll remain online is unclear. The track is titled “feed1” according to the DJ at the start of the extracted segment, which played this evening, London time, on BBC Radio 6. It’s a perhaps uncharacteristically repetitive piece for the duo. The beat itself is difficult to nod your head to, certainly, but the overall effect is of dedicated, near-industrial perseverance. The tricky, arhythmic metrics themselves cycle on fairly steady repeat, in other words whatever chaos/4 maps to on a drum machine. 

Track found via the discussion boards.

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