Drones That Push at Their Waveforms

And other hermetic texture poems by Nikita Bugaev

The collection i—viii by Russian musician Nikita Bugaev consists of relatively brief explorations of singular atmospheric scenarios. The longest is just under three and a half minutes. All but one other are under three minutes. Three are under two minutes. They include drones that push at their waveforms from within (“ii”) and higher-pitched back’n’forths, like some melding of Close Encounters and the neighborhood fog horn (“iv”), as well as glitchy, flustered static that edges into the realm of distortion fields (“vii”). Each piece, each texture poem, feels considered, hermetic, self-contained. They’re elegant and remote, quietly paced, and for all their formlessness, quite memorable.

Album originally posted at johnskingdom.bandcamp.com.

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