A Drone Built from Media Artifacts

Listen to music made by Kate Carr from the vantage of listening to music.

Kate Carr’s “She Played The Drums Badly/I Never Found Huitlacoche” is built from bug noise and field recordings. The latter seem to be of people talking and (talking while) listening to TV and recordings, maybe catching live bands. The sources are difficult to recognize because Carr relegates them to temporary background state, muffled and situated behind everyday sounds. It’s music made from the experience of consuming music, music that consumed music and that produced something else in turn.

It’s a mixtape, a travelogue, a drone of sorts built from media artifacts. It’s not a tonal drone, but a media drone — a slowly shifting yet seemingly continual state of relative blankness. Despite its decidedly derivative circumstances — in the Creative Commons sense of “derivative,” which is to say derived from something, not qualitatively inferior — it maintains the form of a composition, especially when, around the 2:40 mark, it takes a brief, dramatic pause, before slowing the perceived tempo further for the final, reflective stretch.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/katecarr. More from Karr, who is from Australia but currently based in England, at katecarr.bandcamp.com, gleamingsilverribbon.com, and twitter.com/flamingpines.

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