The Forum as Playlist

Platform agnosticism and Junto life after SoundCloud Groups

This is excerpted from a note I sent out last night to the Disquiet Junto project email list:

From lemons -> lemonade.

From a software company shuttering a service -> a platform-agnostic undertaking.

For longtime Junto participants especially, there’s been an occasional refrain that it’d be nice for the Junto not to be bound to one platform. Many people at SoundCloud have been very supportive of the Junto since the first project, back in January 2012. The end of the Groups functionality could be seen as a need for a quick fix. I’m trying to see it as an opportunity for change — specifically, to a means in which folks who would rather post music to YouTube or or their own URLs or anywhere can do so, and still be part of the overall community. This process will not necessarily yield something as tidy as a SoundCloud playlist, but the tidiness that the SoundCloud playlist provided was also a reflection of how bonded the Junto was to SoundCloud. Anyhow, the discussions at, which is closely associated with the development of the Monome grid interface, has been very supportive of the Junto for several months, and I’m hopeful that this week’s Junto experiment in forum-as-playlist will work out well.

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