Carla Fra Størup’s Sine Wave Infill

Haunting tone layers from Denmark

The SoundCloud account of Carla ÉŸra Helles7ed appears to be that of performer and musician Carla Fra Størup, who is based in Denmark. The track “41 47 59” is two minutes and twenty two seconds of held organ-like drone, with layers of additional tones shooting in like laser beams and layering atop each other like pancakes. It’s all white noise and sine wave infill painstakingly compounding the initial horror-movie vibe. There’s insect vibrations and waveform counterpoint, B-movie thrills and industrial dread. When it loops through — do play it on repeat — each time you’ll be amazed by how quietly it begins, in purely relative terms. It’s a steady and fairly slow boil of tense, tremory sonics.

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