An Agent of Transport

Ambient music from Valencia, Spain

Ambient comes in many shapes and sizes, and also in many scales. “2018Project04” by Warmth, aka Agustín Mena of Valencia, Spain, is as vast as it is soft. Tonally, it moves back and forth between warm wool and cool gauze. But the space it travels is significant. Listened to on speakers, it seems to stretch beyond the confines of the room. Listened to on headphones, it is an agent of transport. Some that is movement literal, like the lush surf that churns at times, but most of it is figurative and ambigious, somehow both gentle and cosmic, intimate and expansive. It’s gorgeous stuff.

Track originally posted at Warmth’s latest album is Home, dating from July of last year and available at Track found via a repost by, based in Nordland, Norway.

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