Ghost Accounts in the Streaming Machine

And the fogging of the database

Doctor M’Hhhhhhhble was apparently a side moniker for an unspecified SoundCloud regular. Eventually the doctor’s account came to a natural end, the individual behind it having decided that managing multiple sonic avatars wasn’t worth the effort. This track, titled “Smoke filled room,” like the rest of the M’Hhhhhhhble account, dates back half a decade. It surfaced recently via a repost by Tuonela, the prolific musician based in Katoomba, Australia. Perhaps Tuonela and M’Hhhhhhhble are one and the same. Perhaps not.

The M’Hhhhhhhble track is the sound design of a wind-rattled tunnel, a mix of airflow and noise, action and echo. It is haunting and peculiarly comforting, the warm embrace of white noise. The central echo is all the more enigmatic because the listener must take into account not only the imagined physical space posited by the audio, but the passage of time since the track was first posted. As online cloud accounts of audio services age, the number of orphaned and untrackable ones increases as well, fogging the database, muddling the archives. The embarrassment of riches that is the universal jukebox becomes all the more unchartable as time proceeds.

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