Stasis Report ✚ Rachel Grimes, Reznor, Noveller, Rushton, Hopkins, Barbieri

New tracks added to the ambient Spotify playlist

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist on Spotify adds the following tracks:

✚ Two of the more sedate cues (“Morning Fires,” “I Do What I Love”) from Rachel Grimes’ score to the film The Doctor from India, a documentary directed by Jeremy Frindel. The soundtrack was released on May 18: In addition to Grimes’ piano and sound design, the album credits Jacob Duncan with saxophone and flute, and Scott Moore with violin. Rachel Grimes is a founding member of the chamber-rock group Rachel’s.

✚ “Media” from Mark Rushton’s 2018 collection The Variations. Rushton is based in Iowa City, Iowa, and maintains an excellent podcast of his ambient music:

✚ “TCCTF” from Caterina Barbieri’s April 2017 album, Patterns of Consciousness. She’s released at least three sets since then. This, however, is the most recent on Spotify.

✚ “The Unveiling” by Noveller, aka Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, off the 2017 album A Pink Sunset for No One. She’s subsequently released a live album, Live at Dockside, however this is the most recent one on Spotify.

✚ Jon Hopkins’ “Echo Dissolve,” off his Singularity, released May 4:

✚ “Torn Polaroid” from the score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails for the documentary The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: Nine Inch Nails released an album on Friday, June 22, titled Bad Witch, none of which would make particular sense in an ambient playlist.

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly an hour and a half. Those tracks are now in the Stasis Archives playlist.

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