Ambient Framework

A track from modular synth educator Anna Martinova

A slowly undulating sine wave of an undercurrent. Synthesized strings that echo to infinity. And lots of sonic space in between. That combination, that provisioning of an audio environment, is the elegant framework of the track “Noir” by Amsterdam-based Dusha. That distinct combination alone could provide a gentle, soothing — yet still potent with drama — background listen. Martiova, however, doesn’t stop there. She eventually insinuates the space with a soft melody, efficiently in that it doesn’t so much intrude as emerge, like a slowly cycling carousel coming out of the receding mist.

Dusha is a side project by Martinova, aka Tulpa | Dusha. Martinova is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with Nate Houk (of Epsylon Records) to create a school of modular synthesis in Amsterdam.

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