Fence Filter

Noise and not noise

There is noise, and there is noise. The “and” suggests an “or,” a binary, but it is, of course, more of an ear-of-the-beholder situation. The sheer antic nature of the five-minute recording “hcsr.pananenanap” by darreichungsform, both track name and artist name seeming like error codes from an unfamiliar operating system (an association not out of whack with the audio itself), is both inviting and distancing. The randomness of the music has the vibe of chunky white noise, all panic-inducing, and yet, if you settle in, also invigorating. In addition, buried within it are bits of evident melodic and tonal activity, stepwise melodies and wormy synth sounds and other treats. It’s a bit like how the glimpse of someone’s yard can be taken in if you time the way your eye catches the spaces between the slots of the fence that separates you from it. Of course, the foremost separation here is aesthetic. The noise is like a blustery day: if you accept it on its own terms, there is beauty to be had.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/darreichungsform.

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