Season’s Greetings from Michiru Aoyama

All it takes is a little chime

As was expressed by the first listener to comment on the new track “4k” by Michiru Aoyama, the piece is “sweet as Christmas.” All that it seems to take to signal the new arrival of the holiday season is a little glistening chime. That metallic yet gentle fluttering signifies passage, perhaps to a magical world, but just as likely to a calendrical instance of celebration and reflection, of a pause before renewal. It’s to the credit of “4k” that the transition could cut either way, to a fictional world of majestic wonder, or to the real world of social duties and inclement weather. Of course, there’s more to Aoyama’s track than a chime on repeat. What’s heard here — what makes the pause feel like a true, year-ending instance — are countless spirals of chimes, layered into the distance and up to the heavens, some sharp as glass, much of it processed into gaseous fumes of ever-shifting micro-particulate.

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