Algorithmic Art Assembly on Cycling74

A detailed summary by Tom Hall of the March 2019 event

I gave a talk on March 22, 2019, at the inaugural Algorithmic Art Assembly, an amazing two-day combination of presentations and performances held in San Francisco. I’ll post a transcript of my talk here soon, but for the time being, there’s a great and thorough overview of the Algorithmic Art Assembly at the website of, written by Tom Hall. Here’s Hall’s section on my talk:

The opening talk, ‘The Woodshed is a Black Box’, was from Marc Weidebaum, who has run the Disquiet Junto for over two decades. He spoke about his inspiration for starting it and spoke at length about “woodshedding” — a term from the world of jazz that can be applied to many forms of creative practice. I’d not heard the term before, but the way Marc presented it, it certainly made me rethink the way in which I work and experiment to develop new work, and develop rules to help shape, drive, and fuel it. I think my favorite thing about Disquiet Junto is that there are no winners — that the work is made in one sitting and that it’s probably not finished, straight from the woodshed.

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