The Experimental Organ

A recent work by Lauren Redhead, also featuring Alistair Zaldua

Lauren Redhead’s “Phosphorescent” is a composition for organ (herself) in combination with violin and electronics (her collaborator, Alistair Zaldua). This recording was made at the Canterbury Festival last October, and uploaded to Redhead’s account a couple months back. There’s been an explosion in experimental work for organs in recent years, thanks to folks like Anna Von Hausswolff, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Claire M Singer, among others. In Redhead’s piece, the organ and violin congeal to form a treble-rich, soaring-in-slow-motion backdrop of vast spaciousness. Amid this all, Zaldua’s bow is heard to trace an exploratory path, like a satellite zigzagging across the heavens.

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