A 45-Minute Drone for 2020

From the estate of Lynette Sandholm Evvers

This is an album to start the year with. It is a single piece, just under 45 minutes in length, of dense, shuddering wave forms that track at a sedate pace and bring your pulse and your thoughts into alignment. The variations of the tones are so slow in their passing that your mind’s eye sees not only the shape of the waves, but the shape of the modulations within, warpy rivulets that take the overarching drones and apply to them accordion-like patterning, not to mention sheer layers that glide atop each other. The rigor of the extended format brings to mind Éliane Radigue, the floating melodic material Angelo Badalamenti or SAWII-era Aphex Twin. The piece is titled “Photism (9),” the album Fundamental Colours II. It was released today, the first of the new decade. Volume one came out toward the end of 2017, approximately the same length, but divided into two tracks, both 20 minutes: “Photism (2)” and “Photism (6).”

We’re told that the recording artist, Lynette Sandholm Evvers, accumulated an archive of personal recordings that her estate has made available for commercial release. The suggestion is that Evvers is deceased. The Scotland-based label Other Forms of Consecrated Life handles the duties. I know nothing of Evvers beyond what I’ve gleaned from the mere 19 search returns, as of this writing, for her name on Google, such as that she described the music as “gaseous blue flowers slowly, endlessly burning.” Back when the first Evvers album was released, Frans de Waard wondered in his Vital Weekly publication what we all might: Did Evvers ever actually exist. Rob Halyer, at radiofreemidwich.wordpress.com, intriguingly imagined the limited biographical information “as not being about the release but rather being part of the release.” Either way, Fundamental Colours II does exist.

Album available at otherforms.bandcamp.com.

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