Abstraction for Charity

Five pieces by as many artists for a women's shelter in Glasgow, Scotland

The Stochastic Method is a beautiful collection of largely instrumental music with a purpose. The purpose is to raise funds for and awareness of the Ubuntu Women’s Shelter in Glasgow, Scotland. Participating are Paul Michael Henry, Painted in Shadows, Jenn Kirby, Graham Dunning, and Leslie Deere. It was Deere who produced an event at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow this past December that brought the musicians together (details at cca-glasgow.com). The tracks range from Celtic-accented shoegazey lushness (Painted in Shadows) to layers of twitchy noises above lulling tones (Henry). Kirby’s piece has a modern-ecclesiastic quality to it, zither-like instrumentation mixed with pillowy choir. Deere’s is a collage of drones and voices, slipstream artifacts and distant rhythms. Dunning’s begins as a kind of abstract rave music before dissolving into haunting sound design that suggests a forest deep in the night.

Get the release (and give what you can) at fractalmeat.bandcamp.com. More on the Ubuntu shelter at ubuntu-glasgow.org.uk.

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