Voids Your Ear Can Feel

Courtesy of Jimmy Kpple's Patzr Radio podcast

The shifts in sound seem too sudden to be happenstance. The way the audio cuts from left to right to silence to stereo, and alternate wayward transitions within, doesn’t merely shape and direct the sound. It create voids your ear can feel. Don’t put this on headphones. Play it at room temperature on a pair of speakers, your head comfortably in between. Let the found sounds — all white noise and public-address mumble, not to mention echoing high heels and distant whistles — of the field recordings dance around your skull as well as within. This is the 176th entry in Jimmy Kpple’s ongoing Patzr Radio podcast, “noise and a relative or friend can hold,” a great ongoing musique concrète wonder.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/patzr-radio. Get the feed directly at patzrradio.podbean.com. More from Kpple at twitter.com/jmmy_kppl.

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