Quick Social Media Reminders

Disquiet.com satellite activities

I post weekdays to Twitter pretty regularly at twitter.com/disquiet, and I take the weekends off, because it’s good for my brain. If you mute assiduously and pace yourself, you can still maintain a pretty good early-Twitter experience. Twitter is, in many ways, my public notebook. I aspire to Disquiet.com being more draft-like, but the immediacy of Twitter better suits, for me, both brief observations and the iterative development of a sequence of thoughts.

I also post to Instagram at instagram.com/dsqt with some regularity.

I’m on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/disquiet. Frustratingly, SoundCloud caps the number of accounts you can follow at about 2,000 (I’ve managed 2,003 for some reason), so I keep bookmarks of accounts I want to check back on. It remains the hub of the Disquiet Junto music community, though folks do post elsewhere.

I’m on YouTube at youtube.com/disquiet. I don’t post much, but I have a running public playlist of fine live performances of ambient music. Much of my listening takes place on YouTube.

I’m on Bandcamp at bandcamp.com/disquiet. The social listening component of Bandcamp is helpful. It’s no Rdio, but it works pretty well.

The main message board where I participate is Lines, or llllllll.co. It’s music-focused, with an emphasis, for my use, at least, on the intersection of experimentation, open source, hardware, software, composition, and performance.

I’m on GitHub at github.com/disquiet. Since my computer programming stalled a year out of high school, it’s not like I actually post anything, but I follow a lot of cool music-coding projects.

I’m on Reddit at reddit.com/user/dsqt. I’m not particularly active there, but I keep an eye on it, and post occasionally.

I’m on Facebook, but it’s mostly friends/personal, and as with Twitter, I take the weekends off.

And there is a Slack for Disquiet Junto music community participants. Instructions to join appear in each Junto project post, every Thursday.

I think that covers it.

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