Music for the Pause of Time

From Shipwreck Dective of San Francisco

To follow up yesterday’s video, more music from the musician who goes by Shipwreck Detective, aka San Francisco-based Devanand Addison Bhat. These four short, “simple tape meditations” were recorded just as the shelter-in-place orders were taking effect in the city (March 23 – 29, 2020), and then released a couple days later (the 31st) under the collective title Rest. They are textures comprised of melodies comprised of textures. Track “i” sets the pensive tone and tempo for the set: a warped tune that melts as it proceeds. Track “ii” introduces the slightest crackle of surface noise, and what would be listened past in most other music here becomes percussive due to the deeply quiet context. Each piece, including the plucked, echoing “iii” and the mix of fast-moving drone and sodden keyboard that comprise “iv,” has the quality of a Buddha Machine set on loop as the batteries slowly run out. There’s more to it than that, but only a little, and the restraint is key to Bhat’s success. In subtle ways, the tracks do progress, like how “iii” introduces static-like rain (or perhaps rain-like static), and how “iv,” in particular, gains substance as it goes. But as Bhat suggests, the motion here is all relative. This is music for our collective pause. The world has grown chaotic at the same moment when so many find their lives on hold. This is music for its title purpose, rest.

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