This Week in Sound (Update)

The best tips in life are free.

I got another issue of the This Week in Sound email newsletter out last night. Topics included:

▰ hearing tiny earthquakes
▰ “anti-road rage” electric car sounds
▰ machine listening of “keyword spotting”
▰ sonification skepticism
▰ TikTok as musical tool
▰ + more

You can subscribe, for free, at

Folks ask about a paid version. I don’t think, at the moment, I’d do that. Substack’s minimum fee for subscribers is $5/month, I believe, which is more than I’d expect someone to pay. I may add a “tip jar” at some point. The main tips I’d appreciate, though, are examples of sound you come across, especially in specialized fields where sound may not normally be a topic of conversation.

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