Buddha Machine PSA

Minimalism, but not that minimalist

In the process of working on Buddha Machine Variations the past few weeks, I’ve been re-informing myself about these wonderful devices created by FM3. Much of this education is the algorithmic equivalent of second-hand smoke. If you post a lot of YouTube videos of Buddha Machines, then YouTube recommends videos of Buddha Machines. One consistent subject of comments pops up: complaints about the controller for the Philip Glass edition, which was produced to coincide with the composer’s 80th birthday. Among the complaints: that the device’s volume can’t be changed. This isn’t true. The instructions on how to raise and lower the volume are printed on the inside of the paper case that holds the device. This is my first, and likely last, public service announcement where the Buddha Machines are concerned.

Oh, and there’s no Buddha Machine Variations video today, because I had some sort of technical error when recording. The patch is still in place, so I’ll revisit it when I get a break tomorrow and post it to youtube.com/disquiet.

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