Disquiet Junto Silent Film Project (2020)

A non-weekly offshoot of the communcal music prompt series

I’m writing about an upcoming project, a special one that will be apart from our regular weekly undertakings.

It’s been on my mind to do a non-weekly Disquiet Junto community project for a long time — not for all 438 weeks of the Junto’s existence, but several years. I’ve had some such projects in the planning stages, but time is always tight, and there are a lot of factors to balance.

A Junto member, Robert Precht, got in touch recently with the proposal that Junto participants each score a part of a silent film. It was an excellent idea, and one that naturally suggested itself to being applicable in a longer time span than our normal four-day window.

Details are still being fine-tuned, including which film it will be (we’ll do something from the public domain). If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the following form. Expressing interest at this stage isn’t a commitment. Once the project begins, you’ll have a roughly month to complete your part of the project.


It’s a Google form. If for some reason you don’t want to use the form, just email me at [email protected] expressing your interest. Thanks.

Three creative constraints are noted in the sign-up form:

  1. No copyrighted sound (that is, copyrighted by anyone other than the individual participant) can be used in this project

  2. No intelligible vocals can be used in this project (keeping true to the film’s silent origin).

  3. Each individual (or act, collective, band, etc.) can only contribute one track to this project.

Once the number of participants has been set, the film will be divided into sections for the individuals to score. The length of these segments will, of course, vary to some degree. Source audio may be provided for continuity. That’s still being discussed, as are other details.

Thanks very much for your interest, and, as always, for your generosity with your time and creativity.

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