Listening Backwards to Slow Meadow

On Matt Kidd's new album, By the Ash Tree

Slow Meadow’s new album, By the Ash Tree, opens with cascades of delays and proceeds through three tracks of reflective piano, but the real keeper is the outro, which is helpfully titled “Outro.” At almost exactly the same length as the album’s opening cut, “Prelude,” barely two minutes, perhaps “Outro” is just that played backwards. Backwards is very much its mode, little wisps of melody and sound doing slow-motion back flips as they fade beyond of hearing range, barely apparitions during their brief spell, and quickly gone. It’s a delicate little bit of ambience, as the liner notes describe it, and while “Outro” serves to close the record, the piece deserves the close listening of its audience. Album released on June 5 at Slow Meadow is Matt Kidd of Houston, Texas. More from Slow Meadow at

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