Grace Notes: Oxford Junto, Ono Fly, Standing Piano

From last week

Some tweet observations ( I made over the course of the past week, lightly edited:

▰ 2020: the year we continuously told each other you’re on mute

▰ And it’s out! There’s a full chapter (by Ethan Hein), “The Disquiet Junto as an Online Community of Practice,” in the just published Oxford Handbook of Social Media and Music Learning. Edited by Janice L. Waldron, Stephanie Horsley, Kari K. Veblen (

▰ A friend made this as we got excited about the score for the upcoming David Fincher movie, Mank:

▰ Dave Brubeck, time-signature maverick as well as a father of the standing desk. Note the black piano on the right: “The tall upright by the wall was designed for him so he could stand while playing to relieve stress on an old back injury.” (Vaguely timely because the house is now up for sale:; photo from 2019 coverage at

▰ RIP, Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020). I always loved his playing on “Finish What Ya Started.” It’s like he was auditioning for a John Mellencamp album or something.

▰ And as always, Yoko Ono was ahead of the times. (And John Lennon, of course.)

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