A 2020 Montréal Time Capsule

Highlights from Joni Void, Markus Floats, and Ida Toninato

Time Capsule is a new compilation album intended as a “DIY memory box” of tracks from the Montréal music community. The variety is quite wide, with several pieces standing out in particular: Joni Void’s “Triste Marker” combines a mechanized shuffle beat with shifting drones, the source audio apparently recorded early one morning at the city’s Jacques Cartier Bridge. Markus Floats’ “So Far” moves mallet-instrument tones across the stereo spectrum. The rhythm gains speed just as a slower, much more patient tonal field joins in, the combination leading to a tense, rewarding sense of balance. And saxophonist Ida Toninato’s “Organs” is drone-like music that’s almost orchestral in its scope at times, often as threatening as a horror score.

Also on the compilation are tracks from Stefan Christoff, Skin Tone, Maya Kuroki, Sarah Pagé, Joël Lavoie, YlangYlang, and Sam Shalabi.

Album available at everydayago.bandcamp.com.

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