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Atmospheric hellfire and brimstone from Yvette Janine Jackson

Toward the end of this coming January, the Fridman Gallery in Manhattan will be releasing Freedom by artist Yvette Janine Jackson. The record is up for pre-release right now, with two of its tracks streaming at One cut, available as an excerpt, “Invisible People,” is all hellfire and brimstone, part excoriating exorcism, part calculated recitation of Jonathan Edwards sermonizing (heard here in usefully creepy text-to-speech), all playing out in an atmosphere of dissolute, slow-motion chamber music. Especially engaging is the album’s opening track, “Destination Freedom,” also an excerpt (each around three minutes in length), which is even more atmospheric: piano keys with near-oceanic depth, ghostly string sections, horns buried in the fog. The album is due out January 22, 2021.

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