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From the past week

I do this manually each week, collating the tweets I made at (which I think of as my public notebook) that I want to keep track of. For the most part, this means ones I initiated, not ones in which I directly responded to someone. I sometimes tweak them a bit here. Some tweets pop up on sooner than I get around to collating them, so I leave them out of the weekly round-up. It’s usually personally informative to revisit the previous week of thinking out loud, especially these days, when a week can feel both like a year and like nothing whatsoever has happened or changed.

▰ Protip: When garbage trucks noisily come by in the morning, just pretend you’ve taken shelter from violent robots patrolling the streets

▰ Spoken: “pièce de résistance”

Automatic caption: “P.S. dude assistance”

(Admittedly, Brian Cox’s accent can be a bit strong when he wants it to be)

▰ Got the new Mick Herron novel, Slough House, today, the day of its release. The first of the three novels I’m currently most looking forward to this year, the others being the end of The Expanse trilogy of trilogies (Leviathan Falls, from the duo who write under the name James S.A. Corey) and the final Jade trilogy book (Jade Legacy, from Fonda Lee).

▰ I stand with Soseki.

▰ Maybe it’s me, but this seems like a trick question

▰ Current sounds, 7:40am: chirruping of birds celebrating the sun that just rose over nearby buildings, laptop fan whirring under pressure of several dozen open tabs, rattle of skateboarder enjoying a street devoid of traffic, occasional creak from house as it warms

▰ Today’s guitar class homework

▰ I know I’m at home on the web when I go to a message board I participate on regularly and see a new thread titled “Envelope Problems.”

▰ Went to the dentist, one admirably steeped in pandemic precaution.

  1. Yes, there was an instrumental version of a Steely Dan song playing upon arrival.

  2. Yes, the increased presence of whirring HEPA filters made me drowsy.

  3. And yes, if my parents are reading: no cavities.

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