Disquietude Podcast Process

Taking stock

I’m really digging doing this podcast, Disquietude. A few monthly episodes in, the structure feels good: intro, then half an hour or so of music uninterrupted (multiple artists, all with their approval), then track-by-track commentary, including audio interview elements, plus an essay. I want to play with the format more as I proceed. Main thing I was reminded of this time around was to do the work over time, not try to do it all in one day. Keeps it simpler, and leaves room to fine-tune. Also: record my voice at night, when the world is quieter and I’m calmer. I really enjoy the transitional audio elements, 12 seconds each, during the track commentary, reminding the listener about the individual tracks as they’re described. Main thing I want to do next is make the audio essay at the end more audio-ish, using sound as part of the story, not overkill, but as light additions.

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