Noémi Büchi Live

A percussive set from November in Stockholm

This live set by Noémi Büchi of Zürich, Switzerland, is 23 minutes long and slated for release several months from now, on August 4. Perhaps there’s more to come, but as it stands it’s a very satisfying piece. A driving percussive set eventually wends its way out of an inchoate opening. What begins as scrap sounds, tiny noises and globular burbles, becomes more dynamic, focused, and metronome-like as it proceeds, with opportunities later for lulls and pauses. The result is a mix of classic minimalist percussive music and metallic synthesis. It was recorded at the ljudOljud Festival at KMH (Kungliga Musikhögskolan), the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, back in November 2020. The set is named “Södra Grinda” after the island in the Stockholm archipelago. Büchi has said that she visited the location shortly after moving to Sweden.

The track is at and

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