Tayla Roberge’s Unhappening

Thrilling techno minimalism

Tayla Roberge is TR. “Noctural Hum” is TR’s latest SoundCloud track. The track is a simple four-minute exercise in true techno minimalism. The beat hovers at under 80 bpm. On first glance, first listen, it can sound like a simple head nod, but there’s more to it, more within it. Between each nod there’s a flutter. The flutter is itself not just syncopated, not just pitched, but fitted perfectly between the nods. Throughout, there are slight variations. A shudder takes over, until it disappears. A buzz is pitched up or down, until it resolves. A whir cycles free, as if it might spin off like a broken spring — instead, it evaporates. No matter what happens, it unhappens. This is the thrilling certitude of “Nocturnal Hum.”

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/taylaroberge. Roberge is based in Providence, Rhode Island.

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