Rhythm, Approaches, Publishing, and Unlike Minds

Four Disquiet Junto observations from community member Marty Petkovich

Joule, aka Marty Petkovich, today posted the following four thoughts about the Disquiet Junto music community, which is based around weekly composition prompts. I am reproducing them here (from the llllllll.co message board) with Marty’s permission:

  1. It creates a weekly rhythm in the creative process — even when I can’t participate, I think about where I would take the challenge upon release of the prompt.

  2. It forces me to use equipment and technology that I might not otherwise try, and I am always happy to move past the barrier of new approaches

  3. It forces me to publish/produce which is really the only way to get ideas out of my own head and into another medium. Ideas are easy, producing them is hard – and material only gets better when there is a persistent effort to build a volume of work.

  4. It provides an audience of unlike-minded artists having vastly greater talent and with so many different approaches to the same challenge who listen and thoughtfully comment on the work — even if the listening is only the first 15 seconds, it means that I should make the first 15 seconds worth hearing.

If Marty’s name is familiar, it may be because he proposed the Carillon Quotidian project we did back in April: disquiet.com/0487.

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