Disquiet Junto 500 Roundup

Coverage and related material

Since the first week of January 2012, a music composition prompt has been sent out each Thursday to a growing and ever-changing assortment of musicians and sonic experimenters around the planet. The name of the group is the Disquiet Junto. Two weeks ago, the group marked its 500th consecutive such project. Here is a roundup of coverage and related material. If I’ve left out something, please let me know.

▰ An article by Colin Joyce at hii-mag.com.

▰ An interview I did with Peggy Nelson at hilobrow.com. A few additional notes here.

▰ An interview I did with Lee Rosevere at the CBC. A few additional notes here.

. . .

Four observations made by Marty Petkovich on the occasion.

. . .

▰ The 500th project itself, the assignment being: “Play a tune by yourself and as if by two people whom you invent.”

▰ The project discussion thread at the llllllll.co](https://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0500-humming-to-your-selves/) message board.

▰ The project playlist at soundcloud.com/disquiet.

. . .

▰ Some favorite projects from the first 499.

▰ What preceded the Disquiet Junto.

▰ How Junto prompts originate.

▰ Thoughts on why work is more important than inspiration.

. . .

▰ A full list of the prompts to date, since January 2012.

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