Disquiet.com 25th Anniversary Countdown (9 of 13): Reboot Your Blog

An archival ambient advent calendar from December 1st – 13th, 2021

Day 9 of the 13-day countdown to Disquiet.com’s 25th anniversary. I have no grand plan. I’m just posting one favorite piece a day. Today’s is one from just two years back, though of course mid-2019 is a whole lifetime ago, given recent/ongoing events.

“Bring Out Your Blogs” is one of the most commented on and reposted Disquiet.com articles. I wrote it on what I understand to be roughly the 20th anniversary of the word “blog,” something I kept my distance from for years, but eventually came to embrace (most days). As I wrote at the time: Social media can be a good place if you tweet the Twitter you want it to be and work to ignore the rest. However, if there is something you really dig, I strongly encourage you to start a blog. And as is the case with the web, some of the related links (and RSS feeds) have gone dead, or quiet in ignominy, but the sentiment remains the same: If you sense something went wrong with the internet along the way, ask yourself if that happened around the time blogging began to decline. It’s time to build back up the self-published web. Thanks for reading. And even more thanks for starting a blog. If you do, lemme know.

Oh, and earlier this year, I posted a follow-up, a Q&A, formalizing my occasional request that if you (1) have a focused interest and (2) post regularly about it on social media, then please start a blog.

December 13, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of Disquiet.com.

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