Trying out a new social media hub — new to me, that is

7:34am: I somehow have three different Mastodon accounts. Nothing works.

12:38pm: I’m down to one account. This interface is more opaque than it needs to be but I’m OK with it.

3:32pm: It’s still a bit confusing but I haven’t been confused online in a while so let’s go with it.

4:30pm: You know, a Disquiet Junto Mastodon instance wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea.

Mastodon is an interesting choice of name for an online community platform. To begin with, the ancient animal is extinct. In addition, the beast looms in the imagination as potentially slow, perhaps even cumbersome — if, yes, fierce and proud. Also: powerful. So it’s got that.

In any case, I’m still at, posting regularly about the occasional bit of writing, as well as stray sounds that float by my desk, plus screenshots (pageshots?) from what I’m reading. I’ve tried many social networks over the years, and in fact when I logged onto Mastodon this week, I quickly realized I’d been there before. Perhaps twice, even. Soon enough, I accidentally (because Mastodon is many things, none of which are straightforward) had three simultaneous accounts in different communities of Mastodon, two of which had unhelpfully similar names.

I’ve finally settled on a community called The name is a bit concerning, but friends tell me it’s a good crew, and contrary to impressions reinforced by Mastodon’s overly complicated onboarding process, you can see and participate in other communities, whatever your community may be — I type that sentence with caution, as I imagine there are communities that function more as walled gardens. I truly don’t know.

There is a lot of documentation to take in, including flowcharts (which as a friend pointed out, can truly resemble something out of Primer; like, if you make a post it only appears in other timelines — I mean communities — if someone there reposts it or comments on it, but maybe replies still aren’t visible?), and there is advice, both solicited and the other sort. Suffice to say, if anyone asks in a seeming rhetorical manner, “Why aren’t you just on Mastodon?” — well, there are plenty of reasons. Getting aboard is not straightforward. But about a day in, I found it began to click.

All of which is to say, if you’ve added Mastodon to your social media stack, then I am at For how long, I don’t know.

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