My Online Hangs

A recent accounting as of October 2022

Where I hang out online:

Twitter: Twitter is my public notepad (or scratchpad), more than anywhere else aside from itself. I tweet weekdays at I’ve made an OK home for myself on Twitter by muting frequently and blocking occasionally. I take weekends off. On Saturdays I do a roundup here on of some of what I’ve tweeted.

Instagram: There’s at least one new image a week at, and often more. (I’d like to have, but it’s under the possession of someone who hasn’t used it since 2012. If you happen to know how I could trade out for that, I’d appreciate it. Maybe you work at Instagram and would like to help.)

Mastodon: If you use Mastodon, I’m at @[email protected]. I don’t use it as much as I’d like, because it remains more theoretical than practical, but I keep at it. (I wrote a lengthy appreciation of Mastodon back in May.)

YouTube: I sometimes post videos at, though not as often as I used to. I also occasionally update my ongoing YouTube playlist of fine live performance of ambient music). My main streaming music service is, which includes an ad-free YouTube subscription, which is the only recommended way to use YouTube. There is no social component to, which confuses me to no end.

SoundCloud: My has over 10,600 followers at this point. Unfortunately, I can only follow 2,000, because that’s a SoundCloud restriction.

Bandcamp: I buy and listen on Bandcamp. You can see some of what I’m listening to at, and if we follow each other we can keep abreast of such activities. It’s low-level social, and somewhat useful. There’s a great online discussion group called Lines at, where I spend a lot of time. If you make music, especially if digital tools mediate your creative process, I recommend the community.

Etc.: My Facebook is mostly friends and family. Facebook is where you realize how little you have in common with people you know and Twitter is where you realize how much you have in common with people you don’t know. My Reddit activity is minimal, though I do peek it regularly. There are some Slacks, in particular the Disquiet Junto one, but most aren’t public in the primary sense of the word. Same for Discord, which has yet to become a habit for me. I see “social” as a function, not a category. GitHub is social. LinkedIn is social. Email is social (especially many-to-many group email lists), etc. I am social.

Anyhow, the above are my main hangs.

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