RNBO 4 Max Teaser

Something new from Tom Hall and Cycling '74

Not sure what Tom Hall has planned for Cycling ’74, makers of the great visual programming tool Max, but it appears (per synthtopia.com) to be something called RNBO (twitter.com/rnbo74). I was pleased when Rupert Lally pointed out to me that my Aphex Twin book on the album Selected Ambient Works Volume II is featured in this teaser video.

Just as a side note, about 14 years ago I took a job on a side street — really more of an alley — in SoMa here in San Francisco, and one day I realized that the offices of Cycling ’74 were right across the way, though it turned out that was mostly for the sales team, as everyone else worked remotely. Cycling ’74 has always been ahead of the times.

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