Swamp Thing

A new book from Wetland Project, a British Columbia eco-art endeavor

The new book Wetland Project: Explorations in Sound, Ecology and Post-Geographical Art is almost as remarkable for the variety of its contributors as for the deep attention it pays to the natural environment. The gorgeous and highly colorful volume includes work by science fiction novelist William Gibson (an adaptation of whose The Peripheral just hit Amazon Prime, and I will be watching shortly!), sound artist Hildegard Westerkamp, Canadian Member of Parliament Elizabeth May, poet Susan McMaster, and the late scholar Stephen Morris, among others, all arranged by Brady Marks and Mark Timmings.

This is a photo of Brady Marks, one of the Wetland Project founders, leaning near recording equipment.
Wheel the Noize: Brady Marks, a co-creator of Wetland Project, monitors a field recording (photo from the book’s promotional website, and from the book itself)

The book (available for sale from the publisher Figure 1 — with, to be clear, no commission or kickback for me) is a manifestation of Marks’ and Timmings’ ongoing creative efforts engaging with the sounds of the ṮEḴTEḴSEN marsh, in W̱SÁNEĆ territory (Saturna Island, British Columbia), more on which at wetlandproject.com. I’m not completely done reading Wetland Project — I received an advance copy, and will be writing a proper review of it soon — nor am I done listening to all the complementary audio field recordings triggered from little QR codes embedded throughout the book, but I wanted to make sure folks know about it. (And thanks to Bruce Levenstein for making me aware of it!)

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