Scratch Pad: Pirie, Mastodon, AI

From the past week

I do this manually each Saturday, usually in the morning over coffee: collating most of the little comments I’ve made on social media during the preceding week. I tend to think of social media — Twitter especially, though I’m taking a break, and Facebook to a degree, and increasingly Mastodon — as my public scratch pad. It’s informative to revisit a week of thinking out loud in public. Also, knowing you’ll revisit what you say pulls in the reins a bit, in a good way.

▰ Just an occasional reminder that my inbox is certainly open to new music releases for potential review, but I simply can’t respond personally to them all due to the sheer amount of inbound communication. Follow-up emails don’t help, I assure you.

▰ Mastodon has retired the term “toot,” per Dell Cameron at Gizmodo. I think it’s a good move. Per my earlier comments (which preceded the announcement, about which — to be clear — I knew nothing in advance), this helps reinforce that Mastodon isn’t just a Twitter replacement. It’s something else. (I mentioned this back in early May, when I wrote that people would maybe less often confuse Mastodon’s posts with Twitter’s tweets if Mastodon didn’t refer to its posts as “toots.”)

▰ Person 1: The problem with AI is it’s too easy. Those images you post look great, but they’re too easy. It’s gonna take over because it requires no effort.

Person 2: I had to do several rounds of coaxing the prompts each time, and I learn a bit more each time I do it. There’s a lot of trial and error, and paying attention.

Person 1: That’s the problem with AI: it takes too much work. It won’t take off until it gets easier.

▰ If you’ve done any Disquiet Junto projects and wanna be on a Mastodon list (I’ve not yet experimented with Mastodon lists), lemme know and I’ll put one together.

▰ A local cemetery is advertising on television. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a television ad for a cemetery before.

▰ “A low down disturbing pest / But, as of now, I’m gonna pluck this pest off my chest” —The Fat Boys’ “Trouble!” (which samples Sam and Dave’s “Hold On! I’m a Comin'”)

▰ The subtitles in this TV show, Karen Pirie, keep saying how the car’s handbrake “croaks.” Is that a Britishism, or a car thing, or a British car thing? (I’m illiterate in all three.)

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