Sonic Verbs

From the This Week in Sound email newsletter

At the end of the introduction of each issue of my This Week in Sound email newsletter I swap in a new sonic verb. This is the latest in my occasionally updated list of the words I’ve used. If you have a favorite you don’t see here, let me know. Thanks.

babble, bang, bawl, bay, blow, bombinate, burble, burr, buzz, cackle, cantillate, cheep, chirm, chirp, chirr, chirrup, chitter, churr, clang, clatter, coo, crack, crackle, croak, croon, crunch, ding, drone, echo, echolocate, fizzle, gasp, groan, growl, gurgle, harmonize, hiss, hoot, howl, hum, intone, jingle, keen, mewl, moan, mumble, murmur, mutter, nasalize, oscillate, outgribe, pop, psithurate , purr, rattle, resound, ring, roar, rumble, rustle, scream, screech, shout, shriek, sibilate, sigh, sign, sneeze, sniffle, snore, sough, splat, squall, squeak, squeal, squish, susurrate, swish, thud, toot, thrum, thwack, twang, trill, ululate, vibrate, wail, warble, wheeze, whiffle, whimper, whine, whir, whisper, whistle, yell, yelp

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