TWiS Listening Post (0000)

An experiment in commerce

Today I wrote a post to the This Week in Sound email list just for paid subscribers. It’s an experiment, and supplements the usual (and still free) Tuesday and Friday issues. 

Just yesterday I asked what people would potentially pay for, or more to the point what people who do pay might appreciate, and so far in the poll recommended ambient music came up on top, seconded by an additional email issue. Today’s email accomplished both those ideas. We’ll see how it goes.

The items in this first issue of the TWiS Listening Post were (1) a remix, (2) a demo, and (3) a clip. The remix was a sneak listen to Karen Vogt’s upcoming album (the cover image of this issue is a still from the video for one of the tracks). The demo was a short video of a piece of looping/sampler software. The clip was a video by Orbital Patterns on Instagram.

I don’t love paywalls, but I figure one out of three posts requiring a paid subscription may not be a bad idea. Or it may be a bad idea. Experimenting means experimenting, and as Brian Eno says, something really only is an experiment if there’s a potential it will fail.

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