Chairman of the Board

A new video from Zimoun

The Swiss artist Zimoun’s motorized cardboard sculptures are whimsical explorations of physical properties. He regularly assembles small armies of simple objects that, in combination, rapidly escalate into complex systems. He has gotten better and better over the years at documenting his work. The visuals in this recent video, for example, of a suspended grid of little boxes, suggest a virtual rendering, filmed as the materials are in such a bright white space.

The virtual-ness of the video reinforces the fundamentals-first quality that is the foundation of Zimoun’s installation art. Listen as the light brown cubes — each assembled with brown tape and hung with stark black strings from a panel as white as anything in George Lucas’ THX-1138 — gently rumble. There is white noise, and pink noise, and brown noise, and there is Zimoun noise.

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