Pocka MP3 Set

Following up on the December 9, 2003, entry in Disquiet’s Downstream (here), there’s a free online EP by the same artist, Pocka (aka Brad Mitchell), which saw release in mid-October of last year, and it’s well worth the download time. Released on the Please Do Something netlabel, Chronology Brought consists of five tracks, including “Like Water in Water,” a thick current of bright static; the more percussive and melodic “Star on My Arm”; a brief and gentle guitar tune, “Daniel Bradley Remixed” (the six-string part credited to Dan Weinhaus); “Me Make Pretty Again,” which drops in snippets of a dire vocal against an abrasive flange and a jittery beat, at times reminiscent of a Geiger counter; and “Lauren’s Face Pressed Against a Xerox Machine,” which relaxes Pocka’s penchant for noise in favor of pithy, electro-acoustic verve, leavened with a looped guitar phrase that’s a sort of anti-riff, a quick-fingered figure whose energy suggests a happy accident. (Please Do Something website at pleasedosomething.com; album page here.)

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