More Game Boy MP3s

Following up on last Tuesday’s Downstream entry (here), there are three tracks made on the Nanoloop tool (a cartridge that turns the Game Boy into a rudimentary musical instrument) archived on the site: “Ich Traume Nur in Super8” by Felix Kubin, which starts with the demo track’s opening static, but ventures into a more robust little musical gem, a blip-hoppy ditty that deserves a game all of its own (file here); “Nanoloop” by the tool’s inventor, Oliver Wittchow, which resembles the original demo, but plays with the stereo effects and aims to make as metrically complex a rhythm as he can get out of this little sequencer (file here); and “Gameboygirl” by Ostinato, who drops in a bit of a vocal before diving into some deep house (file here). All are from the Nanoloop album, from Disco Bruit Records back in 2001. There’s more info, albeit in German, here.

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