Command-Line BPMs

I just created my first command for yubnub, “a (social) command line for the web” (more info at The command “bpm” in yubnub now searches the artist field at, the user-created database of BPM info (that’s “beats per minute”) for various singles, which is helpful for anyone who likes to create music out of pre-existing music.

Yubnub, like Tivo and RSS, is something so useful that it’s difficult to describe. Just imagine being able to do routine tasks, most of them search-based, from a single webpage. For example, “group aphex twin” in yubnub brings up the listing for Aphex Twin at and “discog autechre” brings up the Autechre discography at (Yubnub isn’t just about search. For example, “random” followed integer X produces a random number between one and X.) In any case, the new “bpm” command now makes the search for the perfect beat a little simpler; it also reveals, unfortunately, that there’s no Kid Koala or Daedelus in the bpmdatabase database, at least not yet.

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