Image of the Week: Loud Roots

The interface of Weather Report on the Brick Table, which will serve as the foundation of a new installation, Roots, by Jordan Hochenbaum, Owen Vallis, and Memo Akten:

Roots will be on view at Minitek: Electronic Music + Innovation Festival in New York, September 12-14, 2008. A festival release describes the installation as follows:
Roots is an interactive installation for the Brick Table’s tangible and multi-touch interface, where multiple people can collaborate in making music in a dynamic and visually responsive environment.  When a user presses their finger on the table’s surface, a vine-like structure will branch out and generatively maneuver around the surface– actively triggering sounds and loops.  Harnessing “multi-touch” technology, a single user, or multiple people can very quickly create dense and lush generatively evolving sound collages and compositions, simply by pressing their fingers anywhere on the tables surface. New software is being developed for minitek where Brick Tables surface becomes a virtual ocean; ripples generated from users touching the screen, trigger sounds that decay and use the waves interference patterns to create an interactive musical experience. Brick Table has been exhibited at festivals showing Weather Report, an interactive installation where users sonify real-time surface temperature data.
More info on the festival at More on the Brick Table at

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